WW1 Commemoration Activities

Please see list below for the activities Eden Boys’ Birmingham will be taking part to commemorate WW1

Activity Description Lead
WW1 Lessons Week
As part of the build-up to Armistice Day, in the second week of November, students will receive a lesson in all subject areas, which will be linked to World War 1. Ideas are provided on these sites: http://www.iwm.org.uk/learning/iwm-north/visits/key-stage-3
BRA This will be repeated in, 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Sky Twitter Feed

& WW1 Clips on TV Screens

Sky News is providing a twitter feed, which reports ‘live’ events from WW1 as they happened 100 years ago. The twitter feed is available on @SkyNewsWW1.

In addition, the TV Screen in the Humanities Faculty area will have presentations and clips on WW1, which will play at periodic intervals.



This will continue for the next four years.
Guest speaker Local historian Izzy Mohammed will speak to year 7-9 students about life in world war 1 with a focus Muslims Soldiers in WW1 SIS This will be repeated with Y7-9 in 2016/2017
WW1 Muslim Soldiers Exhibition Invite to exhibition launch:
Thursday 20 October 2016
6.00pm – 8.00pm
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
SIS/BRA Yr7-9 representatives to visit the launch exhibition as part of the connected histories programme
WW1 Exhibition at Eden Boys School The final connected histories exhibition panel will be displayed at Eden Boys Birmingham featuring the stories of local people focusing on the Muslims Soldiers in the First Word War SIS/BRA Exhibition panels to be displayed in the Humanities faculty and tours organised for local secondary schools
History Curriculum As part of their History curriculum, students in Year 8 will study World War 1. They will learn about the causes, key events, outcomes and consequences of the Great War. They will also learn about the role of women, people of all faiths and the countries that make up the Commonwealth. BRA This will be a permanent part of the History curriculum and will be repeated with the year 8 groups each year.
WW1 Commemoration
ARMISTICE DAY ASSEMBLY and minute silence Heads of years This will be repeated each year, for the next four years.
WW1 Exhibition Through their enrichment activity, Students will prepare and display a World War 1 Exhibition. The exhibition will have artefacts, displays, video clips etc. which raise awareness of WW1. The exhibition will be open to students and the wider community and local primary schoolchildren. SIS/BRA The exhibition will be repeated 2016/2017
100th Anniversary Tours A group of Yr8 students visited the battlefields on the Western Front, such as the Somme, Verdun and Fromelles in March 2016 http://www.centenarybattlefieldtours.org/. Students from the trip will produce a power point presentation or art work highlighting their reflections on the trip. SIS Pupils will visit feeder primary schools to raise the awareness of WW1 battlefields.
Poppy campaign As part of the Legion’s Centenary Poppy Campaign, students from gardening club will plant poppies in the school grounds as a gesture of Remembrance to commemorate the Centenary, and help them learn about the poppy’s heritage, traditions and its relevance in today’s society. Pupils will sell poppies to support British legion EPA/ZKH This will be repeated each for 2016/2017.


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Our Open Evening is on Tuesday 5th October 2021 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. We hope your visit to our school will encourage you to apply for your child’s admission to Eden Boys’ School Birmingham.

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