Pastoral Care

We understand that every student is different. They learn in different ways and have different interests and areas of strength. Individual students also have different needs at different times. The pastoral strategy is geared to helping each student discover where their particular talents lie and offering tailored support when they need it.

We have a highly personalised approach to meeting the academic, 物理, emotional and spiritual needs of every student. We use information and data from primary schools, our own assessments, national tests and from our meetings with students and their parents to make sure we know our students well and understand their individual needs.

Latest 新闻

Award for Commonwealth baton bearer

A pupil from Eden Boys’ School, 伯明翰 who carried the Commonwealth Games 2022 baton has been recognised for his community work.


Key Notices

Year 6 Open Evening

Our Open Evening is on Thursday 6th October 2022 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. We hope your visit to our school will encourage you to apply for your child’s admission to Eden Boys’ School 伯明翰.


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